The Perfect Party

I’d been asked to DJ for an Aussie couple (the groom had Thai roots) and their young friends. It turned out to be the perfect party.

In my video you will see that the groom and his bride had planned the first dance to perfection. Their friends made a circle around them and woop and cheers, then all joined them on the dancefloor. It was like an explosion, every song I play was greeted with a cheer and it couldn’t have gone any better really.

Originally the dancefloor was on the lower deck by the bar the area. It’s perfect for around 60 people, but I think we had a lot more jammed in. The atmosphere was at fever pitch and then of course then the swim wear came appeared and everyone was in the swimming pool. It was a wild wedding. I even started playing some club classics and techno this crowd were up for everything and I was happy to play it to them

- The Perfect Party

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