Great fun with Indian/Singapore group

We had great fun with our group from India who where living in Singapore. They obviously loved to listen to Bollywood and Hindu music but top of the bill was rock music!

Music such as Dire straits and Queen where highly in demand we played at 3 venues during their stay. The group where staying at Samujana so on the first night they had a party in a small restaurant just outside of Chaweng Beach which is close by. I had set the sound system up during the day and return later to find our lovely guests already in the party mood. I had taken several song requests before I had even reached the DJ booth!

The next day we went on the Red Barron where there where a few sore heads so we played some nice relaxing music whilst we cruised by the beaches of north east koh samui.

The party obviously started to gain pace and everyone was having a good time by the time we reach Crystal bay. Where everyone got the opportunity swim, Kayak and snorkel in the calm waters.

For more video on Indian events please click here:

In the evening we returned back to Samujana where we had a final party in the Villa 24 with breathtaking views of Haad Nagm beach and Koh Matsum.

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- Great fun with Indian/Singapore group
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