Koh Phangan Mega wedding

When we was asked if we would like to do a wedding on a Secret beach in ‘Secret Villa’ on Koh Phangan we jumped at the chance. This mega wedding was over two days with the main event on Saturday and Sunday there was a laid back beach recovery party.

The wedding was just beautiful overlooking the sea and beach from Secret villa perched on the hill side. The sun set event was filmed by drone and half a dozen camera men. We played soft acoustic music in the background whilst everyone took in their surroundings sipping cocktails.

Everyone was dressed in white and they looked ready to party after their dinner. With a real mix of people from France, Japan, Bali, America, Goa with most living in Hong Kong it didn’t take long for the dancefloor to erupt. I would have liked to taken more photos and videos because this group where going off!

We Chill the following day on the beach and I played some nice reggae to keep things groovy and fun. Enjoy the photo’s because this was an excellent wedding.

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