Baan Kilee Dance Off

Lipa Noi has several nice Villas and Baan Kilee is one of the best. Tonight it held a wedding between 2 American families, but originating from Asia, one from Thailand and One from the Philippines. They were a young group and big time into their music and breakdancing it exploded after the first dance into a big dance off!

The weather had been perfect all day in Lipa Noi

The ceremony was held on a lovely private lawn in Baan Kille, after the guests maid their way past the huge pool and down to the waters edge to take in the sunset over their cocktails. Dinner was a buffet with the cocktails still flowing soon everyone was ready for a boogie. They were easily the best danced group i’ve seen this year with allsorts of breakdancing and choreographed moves coming out!

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