Sound Hire Set Up at Nora Buri

What a pleasure being asked to do the set up of a large group of Australians at Nora Buri today. Because of the size of the group they want to get the sound hire just right and asked us along for a quality set up.

We use top of the range QSC speakers which are perfect for weddings. Every time we have a sound hire gig, we meet the DJ who is playing and tell them about our kit, they are always pleased to know that we have only the best in equipment.

For this group we used 4 Speakers and 1 sub woofer providing 7K crystal clear sound.  The System looks and sounds great with our LED lights for dancing.45433811 450448892145646 1171939482354581504 n - Sound Hire Set Up at Nora Buri 45593353 193896384755345 3797686623735382016 n - Sound Hire Set Up at Nora Buri

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