Fab Wedding at the Ritz

Fab is the biggest understatement ever! this was so much fun. Our lovely couple had hand picked me from their research and I was so glad to get the chance to play in the events room at the newly opened Ritz Carlton. I have the tunes ready – I’d been secretly working on the playlist all day – As everyone came in they burst out dancing. I knew it was going to be special night from that moment.


First part of the night I covered pop and club music which really got everyone going, but the inevitable dance anthems where going to follow YMCA ABBA Whitney Taylor Swift and of the course the Spice girls.


It rained men. Everyone had fun. Here’s a snip from the follow up email.

‘Thanks a million for being our DJ on Saturday night.  I’m sorry we didn’t really get much time to chat and say thank you in person.  Our guests really had a great time, and so did we.  The music you played really hit the right chord with the crowd and you were able to keep the group going throughout the night.  Thanks again for the amazing and memorable night that everyone has been talking about!


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