June 27, 2019

Cocktail Master Classes

A great idea from one of the coolest bars on Koh Samui, something completely different and would be a great addition to your stay on the island: http://craftycocktailcompany.com/masterclass/

Want to learn some cocktails and have some Tom Crusability at the next party?  Shake up your night and join us for a Cocktail Masterclass.

Masterclass Lab Adjusted copy 1024x683 - Cocktail Master Classes

On arrival you will receive a welcome cocktail expertly constructed by your mixologist while you meet and greet new friends.

We will then move upstairs to our Mixology Laboratory to learn your first two cocktails of the evening combining some history, skills and tools of the trade.

Then moving down stairs to the Crafty Bar for some delicious canapés to soak up all the fun before going back to the lab for another two cocktail session.

We will kick our evening off at 7.30 and finish up around 10.15 when there will be transport waiting to take you to your hotel or next destination, or stick around Crafty Bar for a some more amazing cocktails.